Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Mufflerman Returns

With my days as an intern at Wildcraft coming to an end, there was very little for me to do in the office today. I restricted myself to drafting my final report, and typing out whatever remnants of the same, that I had in mind. As usual, the atmosphere in the tiny office room was raucous, and the candor was stupid. But it revolved around a completely new subject matter today, The Mufflerman had returned to Delhi.

The political tides have turned in the national capital, with the election results being declared. Kejriwal is all set to return as the Chief Minister in the politically charged city-state of New Delhi. Corporates are quite fearful of his return, citing regulatory reversals and major reforms in power tariffs. Companies like DLF, the housing development major had tanked in the stock markets yesterday fearing litigation for a few dodgy deals that they had been a part of, something that made headlines in Kejriwal's repeated political rhetoric.

Some describe him as a quasi socialist, and some are at a complete loss of judgement. Both are quite dangerous, if you ask me. Here's hoping for the best. Well, it's Delhi, at the end of the day. People's emotions dry out quite quickly. It all depends on governance at the end of the day. 

Friday, May 31, 2013

Feels like a winter morning!

I woke up now at 9 am, to a crispy cool morning. Checked the temperature and it was 22 C. It had dipped to 19 C at 6 am. The sky is overcast, and the sun is nowhere to be seen. This is late November weather, at the beginning of June, and I am not complaining one bit.   

Monday, April 22, 2013

April 22

Yes, It's my birthday again. It just came and went. I snapped two pictures. That's pretty much it.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Back in Mumbai, and a local train ride..

I went shopping to Dadar, and it was a journey through the shabby bylanes in Mumbai. I went to Dadar, and  walking in the middle of the congested road gave me the jitters, but it was the only way to get through. An hour and a half of shopping later, it was time to get back on the local train, and head back home. The local train brought back memories of when I broke my glasses in the crowded second class. I was a long time ago, I was in class 8 I guess. The ride on first class was truly first class, and I took snaps and a lengthy video of the journey. Dinner was good, and was a veg thaali accompanied by mutton curry..

Mumbai Train ride

Here are the pictures..

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Back in Mumbai again

So I am back in Mumbai and it was a kind of impromptu decision to come here. I opted the cheapest option to get to the airport. I took the bus to the airport for the first time, and found it very hassle free, and time saving. Lugging the heavy bag to the Srinagar Bus stand was the only difficult part. Route number 10 came almost immediately, and it was an air conditioned ride to Majestic..

It cost me 20 bucks and about 25 minuted to get there, and the BIAL 9 was just leaving majestic when I boarded it. The route was pretty straightforward, and we went straight through Mekhri Circle, and Yelahanka. It took an hour to reach BIAL, and as usual, I was there very very early at 5 pm, to get on the 8 25 pm flight. 

A long wait at the airport followed, and I was finally checked into the flight, after a few phonecalls being made to confirm my seating.

The flight was full of businessmen, making their regular journeys between Bombay and Bangalore. Most started snoring as soon as the flight took off. Let me tell you, that's way better than having babies on board...

I snapped up a few pics of a spicejet plane, which was going for taxiing, and boarded the Go Iar to Bombay.   The flight landed a bit before time, and was largely normal. I was reading my book, "Kim" by Rudyard Kipling. The story has grown on me since then, and I plan to finish it in a few days, if not tomorrow. 
 Pleasant weather awaited me in Bombay, and surprisingly, it was better than the Bangalore weather of late..  
Oh, and the mid flight complimentary dinner was really good. 

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Oblivion and a late night ride home..

I went out with my school friend to watch the movie Oblivion yesterday. We went to Koshy's before that, and had a wholesome late lunch made up of scrambed eggs on toast, and mutton cutlets. It was really good..Watched oblivion at REX, which was a very passable movie at best. I was eagerly waiting for it to end. I thought Morgan Freeman would deliver an awesome performance, but that did not happen. The story gave him no space to perform. Tom Cruise had his usual exasperated expression on, throughout the movie, and the storyline was drab. It looked like Wall E met Total Recall. We dined at Shangrila, and had haka noodles and garlic chicken, which were really good. I had chinese food after a long time. Used to be a regular at Dragon Palace, which shut down last year.
 I waited for over an hour for my bus which never showed up, and I had to finally take a rickshaw home. I had to shell out 150 bucks for the ride(One and a half). I guess Bangalore will never change. The ride was worth it, as the driver drove like an F1 driver, and pthe roads were sullenly empty at that time of the night. I snapped up a few pics..

Tuesday, April 9, 2013